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Rip off
This game rips you off. I purchased a sale of the maximum diamonds possible and when the app refreshed it took 70 percent of my diamonds. In addition, when you beat a hard level it only gives you one star. PoS game. Fix the GD bugs you areses!
FornicasianTop on Aug 28, 2015 for version 1.6.94
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Used to be Fun
Wish I could get past level 319 and that there were more ways to earn boosts. Some levels are tough and take a long time to beat, while others are a breeze. Fortunately the creators usually have had the good sense to mix in some levels that are less complicated after tough ones. Consistently entertaining until Level 319, with sections off the screen. Hope I can get through somehow. Playing different games instead. Tips anyone? Please add to the holiday versions! They haven't been updated in a few years. There are more holidays than Christmas and Valentine's Day. Keep the fun coming! Thanks!
Wenrays on Aug 28, 2015 for version 1.6.94
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A couple of days ago, tried to play but a message read "thanks for the update, something or other, please connect to Internet" anyway, after connecting it to the Internet the progress was a couple of levels behind; and of all the bloody levels to have to redo, the "Liberty Level", oh my, how typical; I have to look at a massive American flag for another hour trying to pass it! Any other level, I'd be fine: so stupid. Plus, if the battery goes on the phone, the charge is lost and I have to play that dumb American flag level again! What's up with the bloody' Monopoly guy, bugger off!! So invasive!!! Now, the monopoly guy left but some silly tiger, or turtle is there. Some things are really lame with this game: such as the constant advertising of other games...honestly, how much do I have to pay to have these go! Another point, watch out after if you loose a level, it's very easy to mistakenly add bubble for gems...it's way to big of a button(and there's no double check button after, so boom, 9 gems gone)... probably the most annoying point is that(and I've made it to level 444 so far) as you progress, more and more levels are purely based on luck, it doesn't matter how well you play, the little spiders or something is going to make you loose regardless..it can feel defeating after 5 or 10 goes at the same level..I try not to spend gems for energy boost.. I've probably spent around 15 dollars in this game, it's not bad..but they could do away with the aggressive advertising..and the "American Pride" level has got to go(unless they have other countries as well) ..if they want this to be attractive to everyone. Hmm.
Torisutann on Aug 28, 2015 for version 1.6.94
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bubble mania
Why does the game drop out after each game? Not happy!!
SK bear on Aug 25, 2015 for version 1.6.94
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Fun game, too buggy
Game is fun overall. Played it a lot on my iPhone 5 (iOS 8) and I'd occasionally lose a life (and money/gems) if I reset a level before making my first shot. Recently my iPhone broke and I had to switch to my iPhone 4. Literally receiving a message will make the game crash and cause me to lose lives... Wouldn't be much of a big deal if the game wasn't pay to play... Oh well off to bubblewitch
Buckfutter474902 on Aug 23, 2015 for version 1.6.94
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Questionable ad tactics
App makers use questionable ad tactics (auto-redirecting ads to open app store). Don't support them.
Unhappily redirected on Aug 22, 2015 for version 1.6.94
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I love it
I love it its devirnt I sorry I can't spell good I really like the game I going to tell you i really like this game. But don't put pool up in my way I hat pool game ok I like the game but the long line is hard but I like the game I would like to know what's going on some games you don't know how to play you just to guess what to do I wish you would tell me but is one hell of a game I really like it some off your games are to hard I would love to have back you old game bubble seasions the one with valintimes unit the Christmas house it was the best game ever pleases put it back I'm sorry my ph was up dated I love the other game as much as this one take the shoot off are I willl delet you I don't li ke that thank you. I'm getting tired of same game you need to help me get past this hard game now are by by it gets old fast why don't you give a reward one point like candy mainia you to tite looks like the same to me it takes to lone to come up do better are by by ok you are slower then a New York itch on coming on what's up with that ??????? Your game I'm playing on it now is a joke big joke can't be beat can't beat it I'm thanking about deleing it it dome I'm not up dating no morre you want that a way to much you can't fix it anyway I'm going to do it the last time got it I'm done your game I'm on now well I wonder if it can be beat you run off balls the land of liberty game on170 can't be beat I'm tired of it
Tree in a bush on Aug 22, 2015 for version 1.6.94
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Bubble mania
I don't like it very much because it's starting to require purchases to go to a higher level and the bubble colors that are frequently available to toss are often not any colors you need at the time so LOTS of turns get wasted. Nope! Not at all a favorite game.
Harp rose on Aug 22, 2015 for version 1.6.94
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Can't win some levels without spending money
Currently on Level 90 but this has been true with other levels as well. The configuration of blocks, poison bubbles, and instant loss bubbles makes it impossible to win without buying special defense bubbles to toss. These cost REAL money unless you have been VERY judicious with how you "spend" diamonds and the coin credits earned during play. No longer fun. I'm deleting the game from my phone. For CERTAIN don't buy the ad free version.
drjudy on Aug 20, 2015 for version 1.6.94
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Give me my gems!!!
Paid for 250 gems but the gems still haven't been credited, yet they've taken my money! Every time I try to buy more it says I've already done this in app purchase and that it will restore my gems for free but of course I still don't have my gems!!!! 😤
Bre93e on Aug 20, 2015 for version 1.6.92
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