Block Story: Pretty darn fun! But add a few things... Review

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Pretty darn fun! But add a few things...
This is a really fun game. I like that the weapons are very unique and varied, and that there are crafting tables similar to Minecraft PC, and I like that monsters spawn with spawners only, and there are caves, but THEY REALLY DO HAVE TO ADD ONLINE MULTIPLAYER!!!! GAAAHHHH It's so sad, such a fun game, but no friends to help you. And hey, monsters should burn in lava, even in creative mode, whats up with that? That would make it more fun. Also, make the water and lava be able to flow, like in Minecraft. It's weird seeing blocks of air floating under the water when you take out spawners. And the weapons should be more powerful. Also, get rid of the annoying lag, and crashes, argh. It's hard to get rid of spawners if they keep coming back when the game crashes. I'm sorry this is so long, but I wanted it to be detailed. Lol 😁
StH= Awesome on Mar 18, 2013 for Block Story
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Please fix the crashing bug, and make it easier to get blocks more wood blocks please thanks! Smoother gameplay awesome.
slipknot rocker on Mar 17, 2013 for Block Story
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Never mind
Make sure your distance slots are not all the way up.After i put em down,it never crashes.I cannot think of anything to make this game better,except MULTIPLAYER!That.Would.Be.Epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!also,when you place a block below you,and if you do not have enough room,like if a block is above you,the whole screen vibrates and you need the block you placed to stop it.It is to easy to place a block.When I'm trying to scroll,if I release it on a block it places.A little glitchy.Thank you!ALSO,MAKE THE WEAPONS MORE POWERFUL OR MOBS HAVE LESS HEALTH!PREFERABLY THE WEAPONS.This is the only game I have on my iPad.Gracias!!!Also,their is a terrible glitch.I like to free fall down to earth and hell,and it just kills me,and I have not even touched the ground yet!I died so many times because of this.Fix!
Goodhacker on Mar 14, 2013 for Block Story
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A Minecraft Clone. That's this game in a nutshell. While they did tack on a couple of extras and prettier graphics, the game is ruined by its horrible framerate and a crafting and inventory menu that just doesn't seem to be very easy, and is in fact actually kinda hard to use. I didn't spend much time with the game due to mainly these two issues and as a result, my brother ended up buying the mobile version of Minecraft instead, and I deleted this after getting Minecraft as I saw no purpose for this game any longer. I would've more than likely enjoyed the game had it not been for these issues i have stated above. I'm not sure if this is a common issue or it's just that I'm running it on my IPhone 4. I got this game back when they were giving it away for free and I'm glad I did it then as I would've been even more upset by buying it at a price of $2.99. Needless to say, i'm not exactly pleased with this app, and if people are willing to download it for $3, than the developers really need to fix these issues.
Tilkman on Mar 11, 2013 for Block Story
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Please add multiplayer and all the Other stuff is awesome
Zoo- Wee-Mama on Mar 10, 2013 for Block Story
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Quest issues
Hello, Great game and deserving of 5 stars, but unfortunately I cannot get past quest 3. Please send an update to fix this without having to lose any of my data.
Cody Wanberg on Mar 9, 2013 for Block Story
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