Audubon Wildflowers: Incomplete Review

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As another reviewer mentioned, range maps are spotty and the text conversion obviously had problems. However, the most disappointing thing is that the species database seems pretty incomplete. For instance, there is no entry for any type of Lantana. And, it is very SLOW. I would like to see the search more similar to the printed Audubon Field Guide. You choose a growth style, then you choose a color, then you can browse. On the plus side, you can get a listing of plants found within a zip code. That is cool. Knowing what I know, I would probably still purchase the app.
Whcinc on May 14, 2010 for Audubon Wildflowers
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A lot of potential but...
This guide includes many flowers and quite a bit of helpful information, but it is very awkward to use, especially in the field: 1. Performance is horrible. This is the slowest app I own (and I own a lot). Just going from screen to screen is slower than loading many huge 3D video games. The first screen where you see the other guides available is unnecessary and wastes time too. 2. You can't seem to select a region of the country and have the flowers restricted to that area by default (other than by going through a search first). It's a pain going through flowers from the west coast when you're looking for a flowers in the midwest, for example. 3. The search page has problems - for example, the keyboard frequently overlays the combo box for the shape which was very confusing at first. Also, it's way too easy to accidently select, deselect things when trying to scroll. 4. There doesn't seem to be an easy way to track what you've seen without registering and, it seems like, using wifi or having a phone connection. I just want a simple list kept with the app that I can export if I choose.
Frg47 on May 5, 2010 for Audubon Wildflowers
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Audubon Wildflowers - A Field Guide to North American Wildflowers
Hopelessly inadequate, difficult to use key mechanism, scant images and information - and there is no way to sell it back. When I selected "Sample" I discovered I bought the book. Boo.
bannermaker on Apr 12, 2010 for Audubon Wildflowers
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Add info and update
How about a way to add a plant, or to add info to one that is incomeplete. As in the Wild Hyacinth. If you search for Scilla or Squill the app says there is no info. It wold be nice to update so that it could be found. In this area it is known as Scilla or Blue-Bell.
Lighthorse01 on Apr 10, 2010 for Audubon Wildflowers
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Can't wait until this app is updated
This app definately needs updating. Not only the maps but if you put a search in by color it doesn even bring up all flowers of that color. Hope Green Mtn finishes this app soon. I think I would have waited to purchase if I knew it was this unfinished.
Illinois Colorado birder on Apr 7, 2010 for Audubon Wildflowers
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Where's The Latin?
I'm not going to build a poop sandwich here by saying something nice first. Instead I'm going to get to the point. Application is fairly stable and persistent crashing can usually be remedied by restarting your device entirely. Note that the application is not rock solid and crashes at least once a day on me. I feel Audubon and Green Mountain are certainly on the right track with this but there are several aspects that still need to be reworked. The most obvious being the inability to use word search to look up entries by Latin and formal designation. Really? Second being the longer latin names are cut off in the entries home page with no way to expand or view the rest of the entry, therefore making that information essentially unavailable and requiring a secondary resource. Something that is wonderful but not quite excellent is the ability to sync online with audubonguides.com. This feature REALLY opens some doors to extensive organization and customization. Ten stars for that. What I don't like is a little hard to explain. I'll give it a shot below: For example - if you own the Mammal, Wild Flower and Tree Guide - and want to create a lifelist called 'natural history of my hometown'. No problem. The problem occurs when you try to reference the list on your ipod touch and find that you have to launch the mammal application to view the mammals on your list, the tree application to view the trees and the flower application to see the flowers. You cannot get them all under one application. That being said Audubon does offer a combined app for ~$40.00 that should allow this. What is not available is a credit system for someone like me who bought the apps separately and would now like to combine them. I have written an email to Green Mountain about this. We'll see how it goes. Overall - if you are doing this simply for hobby or are okay with doodling around these inconveniences then cough up the ten dollars and enjoy. Otherwise steer clear for a while and let the application evolve a little further, particularly in its search functions and actual field usefulness. Joy of an app overall.
Treeline09 on Feb 23, 2010 for Audubon Wildflowers
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