Audubon Trees: Not as great as I first though (Updated / Disgusted) Review

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Not as great as I first though (Updated / Disgusted)
This is the third $10 garden (tree) app I have bought recently and have really been looking forward to this one. At first I loved the familiarity of Audubon and the habitat and regional groupings. However, I was really disappointed there is no botanical name search. Also the leaf type, fruit, etc. search is detailed, but there are no images of what those leaf types are other than tiny thumbnails you can't discern, and that is only on the quick search. On the advanced search there is no direction and that is where you need it most. Once in the plant profiles it is lacking as well. This app a big let down if you have the book. It generally covers most of North America, however not in detail, and since it lacks botanical names and has less photos than the book you can't ID unless you are a trained professional and then not specifically since it lacks botanical info. It is definitely not designed for picking out plants. This app also has 400 less plants and over 3000 less photos than my other $10 tree app. Both are missing things which should be expected, but I have to admit I was hoping for more from this one. (UPDATE) I actually bought this app on the recommendation of the Botany Buddy app. They promoted this and the WIldflower one on Twitter. I went back to their page this weekend to thank them for the recommendation. Once there I saw a scathing review of them with a blatant plug of this app. I clicked on the reviewers name and noticed they had reviewed all the Audubon apps the same and virtually nothing else. I found the same of other reivews here as well. I also googled ther reviewer's name and found them bragging on twitter about developing this app and trashing other apps like iBird @cfriii. Not only does the app fall short Audubon's standards, Green Mountain obviously lacks their ethics as well. I'll leave my app rating the same, but I wish they had one for ethics...DISGUSTED.
Plantofile on Nov 16, 2009 for Audubon Trees
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Not bad...
OK, maybe it isn't perfect....but still a very useful app. I bought it yesterday and immediately went out and explored a new part of the forest. This field guide proved very helpful by identifying a number of trees that I hadn't been sure of. Thanks Green Mountain.
VermontBio on Nov 15, 2009 for Audubon Trees
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I own the printed book and was hoping this might be more useful, but was very disappointed. The search option is poorly designed and is the main way I would be using this app. It lacks many visual cues for search terms on the search page - if you don't know what the leaf types or arrangements are before hand, the text names are useless. App crashed within a minute of using. Having an ad for other Audibon apps as the start page which you MUST click through every time you launch this app is also extremely annoying, especially for a $10 app!
Mostly Torn on Nov 13, 2009 for Audubon Trees
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Truly a disappointing app. Green Mountain has much work to do. First and perhaps most disappointing is the information on any given tree is very inconsistent. Some only have a leaf photo, others only have a photo of the fruit, most are missing photos of bark which for me is the most helpful way to id the tree. There may be 4 or 5 pics of a tree but if it is missing its leaves and there is no "fruit' on it, without the bark photo how exactly are you to identify it? Secondly, most of the info pertaining to the range of a particular species is missing. A very big problem. Especially considering that this is an East/West book. Of the 10 or 12 trees I tried to id today when I purchased the app only 1 had what I would consider equal info to what I have in the Audubon books. Also, when I search for the range on 90% of the searches I am told "range information not currently available, please see description" Not very helpful and/or useful. I am very suprised that Audubon is putting out such a poor quality product. I am hopeful that these issues will be fixed with updates in the near future. I was so excited about getting these apps but after purchasing my first one today, I can honestly say I am EXTREMELY disappointed. When I am trying to learn these trees I need all the help I can get. Unfortunately, this app provides almost no use. Stick with the books. Don't waste your money. The only compliment that I will begrudgingly give them at this time is that the "key" is the same. Back to the drawing board Green Mountain/Audubon. This product is FAR below your standards and I am very disappointed that I have wasted my cash on such a lousy app. This is easily the worst "reference" app I have purchased on i-tunes. Back to the drawing board.
COLO09 on Nov 12, 2009 for Audubon Trees
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Tree climber
Very disapointing. What more can I say ????
Visual Voice mail on Nov 15, 2009 for Audubon Trees
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Audubon Trees a disappointment
I purchased this rather expensive software with high hopes (it is from a highly reputable organization) but quickly found it was disappointing. As an guide it’s barely useful; as an identification aid it’s worse. I had hoped to carry multiple guides into the field on my iPod Touch but it's not to be — so far. To be really useful there should be at least ten photos for each tree e.g., mature tree shape can vary when in forest vs out in the open; and photos of the the flower, fruit and seeds are essential. Also, wouldn’t it be handy to have a needle key for conifers. I wrote to Green Mountain a few days ago to express my concerns but didn’t receive a reply so here’s my review online. Hopefully they will update and improve it; I certainly appreciate when other apps do so.
MBayBoy on Nov 14, 2009 for Audubon Trees
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