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Fun but expect to pay $$$
When I first purchased the game it was very fun, the whole concept and mechanics of the game are extremely well thought out and well designed. At first I loved the competition, slowly building up your fleet and and competing for the top spot- but in-app purchases took the fun out of the game for me. I realized that at a certain point if you want to stay competitive you are almost required to buy coins for a minimum of $2.99 (more than the game costs initially). This is a MMO turn-based game, each round is two hours. At the end of each round you receive income for your plains and routes. The game starts you off with 30 coins but if you want more coins you have to buy them because the game very rarely will award you 1 coin. Here are the reasons I will be deleting this game: 1) each plane take 20 minutes to build- but you can buy your plane instantly for one coin 2) you have the option to build things like fuel stations and VIP lounges a your airports to decrease your running expenses or to attract more business-class passengers- however this costs 2-3 coins each to build 3) Each time you want to increase the number of flights between two of your airports, you have to send a request to each of your two airports (lift-off airport and landing airport)- each of these requests individually takes 10 minutes but you can make your request instant for 1 coin The biggest reason I will be deleting this game: 4) the developers allow you to buy packages of coins starting at $5 (2.5x the cost of the game itself) and then you can exchange those coins for in-game money to buy more plains, expand your workforce, etc. Because of this I have found the in-game purchase feature has ruined the competitive fun for me. There is nothing stopping someone from spending a large chunk of change on in-game coin purchases then having that person exchange their coins for in-game money, buy planes instantly then double or triple the size of their fleet within a matter of minutes whereas if you don't purchase coins you can maybe add a couple more planes to your fleet each turn. I truly enjoyed this game until I realized the only way to keep the competitive fun-ness would be to spend upwards of $50 in coins trying to keep expanding my fleet at the same rate the other "coiners" are.
juario on Apr 27, 2013 for AirTycoon Online
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Nothing but a money grab
This game had the potential to be amazing but the developers decided to go the way of in-app purchases. As someone who really likes aviation and air travel, I was sucked in. The game is very detailed and offers a lot but it is IMPOSSIBLE to advance without shelling out HUNDREDS of dollars on credits. It wasn't always this way as the previous game, Air Tycoon 2 had an in-game bank that could make you loans. Consider that you could create the perfect airline, step away and let it run a couple hours (each turn takes 2 hours) and then come back to it and find your airline deep in the hole. You then either have two options. Quit and throw away days wasted on building your airline or buy a package of credits with real money and exchange them for game money. It completely takes all the fun away from the game. Even if you don't buy in-game credits, you find that you'll only barely make enough to function, while those who do buy credits are busy opening new routes and buying the newest planes. Once your planes start getting old, it'll then be impossible to continue without buying new planes. The other thing is that when you start a game, you are put into a channel with 200 other users who have already been playing and who have established airlines. That makes it virtually impossible to get an airline off the ground when all the routes are already served potentially by 2-3 other competitors. The last thing is that there are always one or two airlines who are just massive and who serve EVERY route with multiple copies of the newest planes. These always suspiciously seem immune to the ever-constant jumps in fuel price and drops in world travelers. Furthermore, I've noticed that these airlines sometimes get more range on the same aircraft and always seem to be able to obtain slots at airports that are maxed out with seemingly all the slots taken. I really love aviation and feel really stupid for spending so much money to make the perfect airline. My airline got to be as high as number 4 on the leaderboard but after I exchange my remaining credits, I'm done with this game. Maybe I'll go back to AirTycoon 2 but I can't continue to waste time AND money on AirTycoon Online. Signed, an ACTUAL player.
tsp83 on Apr 26, 2013 for AirTycoon Online
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Great game. Needs fixing here and there
Great fun game but overtime there are too many players per game making impossible to really make money and expand. Game gets old because of that!
Righteous tofu on Apr 25, 2013 for AirTycoon Online
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Duraed on Apr 25, 2013 for AirTycoon Online
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They don't fix known bugs
Would love to give this game a high rating. Great concept, good gameplay. BUT, after several days of documenting a known bug, the development team doesn't investigate it and doesn't fix it. Maybe if I bought the in-game credits they would pay attention. No chance I will without better customer support.
ATO disappointment on Apr 23, 2013 for AirTycoon Online
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If you love the other in this series...
Just get it. Challenging but fun.
Crapwreck on Apr 22, 2013 for AirTycoon Online
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