AirTycoon Online: Addictive game Review

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Addictive game
This game is crazy fun. The mmo aspect makes it even more addictive than than last version (which was awesome as well) due to the competition and ability to talk to other players. Fun to make alliances or talk smack. Nickname Tonygehrke3 (Alaska Air)
Alaska Tony on May 11, 2013 for AirTycoon Online
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addictive game... awesome! can't wait for more improvement on the game... login name: eric7377
eric primasetio on May 10, 2013 for AirTycoon Online
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Awesome game
Love this game, can't put it down. It's an amazing addictive game Nickname:richman64low channel 50
Richman64low on May 10, 2013 for AirTycoon Online
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Fantastic Sim
Fantastic game, I have played many simulation games over the years including other airline ones and this one tops them all. Would like to see the addition of a stock market system allowing you to invest in other airlines as well as hostile takeovers and such. More ways to earn bonus credits would be beneficial as well, as you really need them to help gain an edge. Nickname: Zanador
Dracolus on May 10, 2013 for AirTycoon Online
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Not Just A Great iOS Game, A Great Game
AirTycoon delivers exactly what I have always wanted to see on a PC Airline Simulator/Tycoon title. This sequel to AirTycoon and AirTycoon 2 takes the airline management simulation online where you compete with other livings players. Whether you are just looking to pass the time or have an in depth experience, you can achieve both in AirTycoon Online. You do not get over encumbered with micro managing time tables, rather you control the amount of flights per week. The controls and game play are so intuitive that a tutorial is not necessary, however, you do have a detailed help menu when needed. Not only does the help menu describe how certain functions of the game work, they also offer a little insight into how to manage certain functions. The selection of airports is mostly limited to cities rather than individual airports (Instead of seeing JFK, LGA, and EWR in New York, you will just see JFK represent the entirety of New York). This still works out for the amount of players on the server. Now with the added ability to build your own airport in a city it will allow you to add these multi-airport cities manually as well as generate a little extra income. Owning your own airport does not yield enough reward for the expense that goes into building one, but if properly managed it is still good money. One point simulator/tycoon fans will love is. That there are no made up airplanes here. You will be buying, selling, and leasing a Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, etc. depending on what year your are in. Time is handled pretty balanced in AirTycoon Online. A month progresses for every 2 hours of real world time. Even when you do not connect or miss a month your airline business is still working as you last directed it too. Server, or channel as they call it, connectivity is handled extremely well. If you are working on a task and need to answer a call or work in a different app, you can come back with a brief "buffer" without having to return to the login prompt. The Leaderboard displays the Top 50 players and encourages players to race to the top to have the most routes, largest fleet, and highest company value. Aside from naming your company you can also customize your logo which gets displayed alongside your name on The Leaderboard, should you make it that high. Other things are customizable such as the seating size and type of First Class, Business Class, and Coach. Even the pilot of the airplane can be customized, but that is one of the useless features of the game. There are coins you can purchase in the game to speed up tasks and upgrade airports and airplanes. If you hate micro transaction games you will still not want to ignore this game. Unlike other "pay to win" games, coins in AirTycoon Online do not grant you anything unfair except for shortcuts to time requirements. Coins can also be used to exchange for cash. Some small mechanics do not make sense like not being able to order more than one model of airplane. This is likely due to a limitation in the code that needs to be opened up. I would have liked to get push notifications to inform me of things like when an airplane is ready, more slots have been approved, or when a new month has started. Another improvement they should make is in the graphs. While graphs to show your history do exist, they are just lines without actual numbers or months to show exactly where I was at while I was offline or just in general. A UI like Apple's Stocks app would be perfect for this. While the game does not recommend micro managing flight routes every month it would still be nice to get a graph for flight history beyond the previous month for informational purposes at the very least. AirTycoon Online is an answered prayer for people looking for a good airline management game on any platform. Despite a few short comings they are easily ignored by everything else the game does right. The community is strong and server downtime has been almost nonexistent. This app performs well both on the iPhone and natively on the iPad. Ports to other platforms may server the community well to expand the player base, but so far as an iOS only game it holds strong on its own. I give AirTycoon Online a 5 out of 5. You can find me on the Leaderboards as TechyMark, of TechyMark Air, on Channel 41. :D
TechyMark on May 10, 2013 for AirTycoon Online
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Good dynamic multiplayer
It's a well made and balanced game.
Rex Titan on May 9, 2013 for AirTycoon Online
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