2K DRIVE: I want to love it, but its hard Review

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I want to love it, but its hard
Too many crashes. Slow performance even on the newest iPad. The menus take too long to load. Images look pixelated. I purchased the special founder pack before starting to play. I believe this game can be the best on iOS but there are way too many bugs.
Sickbar on Sep 6, 2013 for 2K DRIVE
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Not a money hogging one like RR3
As a racing game fan, I prefer 2k drive much more than RR3, which has been turned into an ugly "cashier" where EA wants people to pay for cars, repairing, new championships... What a shame! Both games have great graphic and refined control. They are really on bar as great simulators, except for the ridiculous purchase mechanism RR3 adopted. For people who haven't played thru the first championship and already think 2K is greedy as RR3, I suggest u just hold your contempt on immediately provided Fiat 500 and win a race. U will find it much easier to earn money for purchasing new cars, tuning, repairing... You don't have to pay anything more than the initial $7, unless u are horribly impatient.
Which nickname is not taken???!!! Please~ on Sep 6, 2013 for 2K DRIVE
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Needs Improvement
First off, this game has a lot of promise. It's very easy to accumulate stars and gold coins. After only playing for three hours I have accumulated over 90 coins, enough to buy the highest car the game offers. This is a huge plus compared to Real Racing 3. In-app purchases are available, but they don't nickel and dime you to death. It's quite easy to purchase your first car and race in some challenges or events to start accumulating gold coins. The downside so far are the controls. The steering of each car is awful. I even test drove higher-end cars and the steering is off on those as well. Having to turn the iPad 90° or more just to get a car to turn is too much. The cars also don't seem to have a correcting mechanism when steering. If you happen to slide in the turn there is way too much movement needed by tilting the iPad Mini to correct the path of the car. The game also crashes somewhat often. Just in the few hours that I've played the game crashed three times. Overall this game is good. It's nice not to be nagged to death with in-app purchases, like Real Racing 3. Future updates will make this game better I'm sure. Once they work out the steering issue, the crashing problem and the overall smoothness of the game, it will be a five star game worth $7. In the games current state however, Real Racing 3's game play is much better.
Swampfox_01 on Sep 6, 2013 for 2K DRIVE
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Not Bad So Far
Still getting used to it, but pretty fun. I'm coming from RR3 which is much more sophisticated in graphics and modeling, but has been ruined by the heavy requirements for IAP (literally hundreds of dollars). This is a nice break, and so far I am enjoying it. C'mon over and try it!
Jazzman666 on Sep 6, 2013 for 2K DRIVE
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Too bad...
I was hoping this could compete with Real Raping 3. But the cars felt really poor. Might be it just takes some getting used to, but I'll never know - because there is no way to turn off the freakin horrendous game music. You lost me right there.
Omb498 on Sep 6, 2013 for 2K DRIVE
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Game doesn't even load
Was excited for this game based on the previews. Downloaded it an hour ago. Have not yet gotten past the loading screen. I simply get error messages or a constantly spinning loading wheel. Just the experience you want and expect after paying $7. Guess I should have read the reviews here before deciding to make the purchase. My mistake.
Qingdao on Sep 6, 2013 for 2K DRIVE
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